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Our Values

Togetherness For Our Future

Continuous improvement, innovation and excellence. We believe that everything we do can in time be achieved better, faster and more efficiently in an industry which continually strives for excellence.
Quality, health, safety and security. We believe in achieving the highest standards of quality, health, safety and security through all available mechanisms in our industry.
Efficiency and effectiveness. Our aim is to adopt best-practice and innovation wherever possible in order to achieve maximum quality and scale whilst minimizing resources and time.
Transparency. Our goal is to achieve complete transparency in everything we do throughout our organization so as to promote trust and confidence.
Teamwork and integrity. We strive to give due respect to all, to provide the necessary empowerment and to appreciate that the combined strength of all our individual talents, skills and expertise is key to our collective strengths and abilities.
Reliability and accountability. In order to achieve our desired objective of 100% customer satisfaction, we do what we say.
Social and environmental responsibility. We promote and maintain full commitment to, and give full respect to, our employees, community and the environment.
Quality At ABM we are committed to providing our clients with the highest standards of quality and service available.
Delivery We fully recognize that the on-time delivery of large-scale projects is a primary requirement for all of our clients.

ABM  has an enviable reputation for meeting deadlines and successfully handing over projects on schedule. We are very proud of the reputation for reliability. This has been built throughout the Company’s history and we aim to maintain it at all costs.

As an integral part of this commitment we have developed a series of procedures and processes that reflect our quality and delivery ethos. Regular updates and training sessions are held to ensure that all staff is aware of our standard operating procedures.

A trained, confident and informed workforce is the key to our success. We are fully committed to achieving customer satisfaction by maintaining the highest possible levels of quality and through the punctual completion of our projects.

To achieve this, we have set the following objectives:

  • Minimise all non-conformance occurences.
  • Communicate to all employees their individual quality management obligations.
  • Maintain an appropriate training programme for all employees.
  • Ensure the provision of adequate, cost effective resources.
  • Ensure the Quality Policy is documented, implemented, maintained and available to all interested parties.
  • Review the Quality Policy periodically to ensure it continues to be relevant and appropriate to ABM.
  • Operate at all times in accordance with the requirements of the Management System.
  • Develop mutually beneficial long-term relationships with reliable clients, contractors and suppliers.